When Life Gives you Lemons …… #SocialHR #HR #SHRM #DTHR #Tchat

Posted: September 4, 2012 by torontosingledad in Uncategorized
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OK in all honesty Life has not given me Lemons….it’s been pretty darn good to me so far and other than some bumps in the road (my friend Rayanne told me that bumps just help you to make sure you steer straighter…I like that) I have been enjoying it so far.

Having said that I have some announcing to do.

As many of my readers know a few months ago my life went through an almost complete turn around, I’m not going to get into the details because I don’t think that would help and they don’t really merit rehashing.  Having said that it’s caused me to take some time and really look at the direction my life was going and how it was impacting the current and any future people in it.  Here is what I came up with:

  • My previous and any future relationships suffered from a lack of attention, this is quite common in the entrepreneurial lifestyle but not something that I want.
  • I was not happy being constantly worried about revenue flow, some people are able to handle that level of stress and inconsistency, in my case I just found that it made me profoundly unhappy and when that happens I tend to withdraw from the world, not a situation that is good.
  • My little girls were not happy that I was constantly on the road and told me so very many times, and as a consequence of that I have not been able to be there to support them as financially or emotionally as I would like.

So having looked at all these factors earlier this week I came to a decision.

Starting September 4th I will be handing the reigns of SocialHR over to Jeff Waldman as the CEO and will be re-opening MTS (Mastering the Source) and working on a long term corporate role.  So now you are asking what does this mean for the SocialHR brand?

  1. Jeff Waldman will now own the Brand and I will allow him to make announcements about the future of the company.  I’m sure that he has big plans in store.
  2. If you are a current BlueBelt client of course we will honour our obligation to train your staff, you will also be able to purchase the online BlueBelt training available in North America exclusively from our new blog property.
  3. SocialHRCamp will continue under Jeff Waldman (hopefully he will allow me to speak next time in Toronto) and if you are a SocialHR Sponsor Jeff will liase with you directly to ensure that you continue to derive value as a Camp sponsor.
  4. If you are an upcoming/prospect of SocialHR you can now contact Jeff Waldman going forward at jeff@socialhr.biz or alternatively at jeff@jeffwaldman.ca

As for my contact info starting Tuesday I will be putting out an out of office memo on my email that will redirect all persons to contact me at masteringthesource@gmail.com until such time as I can put in place a new domain and port over all the email addresses.

You will be able to continue to read my thoughts and those of Daniel J Smith here on this blog going forward.

Again not an easy choice or one made lightly but it feels like the right thing to do going forward.  I wish Jeff Waldman and the SocialHR team all the best and hope that they continue to rock the world of HR and Recruitment.

Thank you all for your support, without it this endeavour would never have made it off the ground.

  1. Tough decision Geoff, but the right one to make when family is the main reason. Love your girls, spend time with them, and never look back. There is nothing more entrepreneurial than raising amazing children.

  2. Geoff says:

    Very cool, tough decision, total respect…good luck with your new direction Geoff…

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