Mastering Facebook Part III

Posted: September 14, 2012 by torontosingledad in Uncategorized

OK honestly Facebook Advertising can be a bit creepy but no where near as creepy as all that (I think).

The reason that I like Facebook Ads for building a) Fanpages and b) potential candidate populations are that they are very targeted and at a much lower PPC (Pay Per Click) amount you can get much more bang for your buck than traditional Job Board or Agency spend.

So first things first, here is how you access the Facebook Ads portal:


As you can see because I’m on Chrome my browser attempts to Auto-complete for me…thank you Google Chrome.

Once you are in the Ads area you need to set up or Create your Ad….this means creating a picture for your Ad, a URL to direct folks back to – in this case you can actually direct people back to the actual job or let’s say you are hoping to build a Talent Community then you may want to direct them back to a Facebook Page, Group or Linkedin Group.  You will also need to set out some compelling copy, but don’t worry about including location in this one, because you will be able to set location in your filtering.  Here’s one that I just made up for Dating Purposes — yes there are many associations between Recruitment and Online Dating.


Next you want to actually Target your Ad.  The nice thing about Facebook Targeting is that you can filter on multiple criteria and Facebook will update you on the size of your target market as you put in filters.  If you find that one of your filters dramatically decreases the size of your market they remove that filter or try something different…for the purposes of this Ad…


I chose to target Females who live in Canada, and Toronto between the ages of 33-45 years old and are Single but have interests in Gaming, Cooking, Pop Culture, News, Dogs, Computer Programming, Politics, Small Business Owners who like Comedy or Science Fiction/Fantasy.  Wow seems pretty targeted right and still Facebook tells me that due to the size of their network I am looking at a target market of 11,280 users.

After you have targeted your ad you have to choose a suggested Bid.  Now most PPC bids will be between .50-2.00 per click.  Here is the cool part, you can also allocate a daily spend on the PPC rates or PPI (Pay Per Impression) – so if you are testing out the system and you only want a daily spend of $10 you can set that amount and Facebook will only deliver 5 clicks per day.  Depending on the type of role you are working on that might be enough.

Next let’s measure the efficacy of your ad campaign…..Facebook actually gives you a very strong dashboard where you can track both Clicks and Impressions.  I ran my fake dating ad for three days and here were the results.



So from a targeting perspective the ad was seen by over 17,000 people that met my criteria and on that day was clicked on by 9 folks who met the criteria.  Now none of those people messaged me because there was no call to action….but still that is good coverage.

The things you must to do make a Facebook Ad campaign successful:

  1. Know your target audience and choose images and text that will engage with them.
  2. Make your ad clickable.
  3. Track and Monitor your performance
  4. Know when to cut the Ad off.
  5. Manage your costs.

Using all the principles above you can make a very compelling and successful and targeted  Talent Campaign using Facebook Ads.



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