Mastering Nuit Blanche – Art in Toronto #toronto #nuiteblanche

Posted: September 30, 2012 by torontosingledad in Uncategorized

Some of my “community” are also Toronto based and will know about Nuit Blanche which is a free night of Art throughout Toronto.  The art ranges in it’s appeal from kiddos to some very adult art works.  Last night was the 7th instalment of Nuit Blanche and the first time that I went out with a group of friends to check out the night.  It starts at 7pm and continues through the night to 7am, which makes for crowds of thousands and  possibly tens of thousands moving through the downtown core to hang out together, view artwork and well do some serious eating and drinking.  Believe me by 2am walking home along Queen Street with new friends it became very very obvious that the drink was on.

The night started off by meeting up with some folks from the SocialMedia Cafe and my buddy Brian at the Office Pub on John and King Street.  We has some dinner and drinks (I was in recovery from the night before).  We then prioritized that we would hit the TIFF lightbox theatre, walk along King Street to University and then up to City Hall where they were putting on a multi-media presentation called “Museum for the End of the World” — basically, it was the artists take on the Rapture that we have all been talking about for the past few years (anyone else glad that December 12th is coming up?).  We then would head over and up to the OCAD exhibit on sublimation of the Native Peoples in Canada (we even got our own Treaty Cards which is basically the cards that Native People’s are required to carry when off reservation, and that all non-Natives are supposed to carry but we don’t).  Then we wrapped up the night at the AGO and their Photography contest and an interesting tableau that was dedicated to the Labour movement in Ontario.  I was really into the AGO exhibit until a) one of the girls on the “shop floor” started talking on her cell phone and b) I started to spot the various Ontario Labour Law infringements and my brain slid into HR mode.

Overall it was a great night, with beautiful weather
to hit the downtown core, here are some of the images the gang shared for the night.

Possibly the best exhibit for the night was provided by Nature.  This was the view from Nathan Phillip’s Square near City Hall, as we entered the Square we wondered why everyone was looking up and taking pics.  Well this is the reason why.

At University/Queen corner outside the SunLife building was the Space Invaders exhibit, basically a huge game of Space Invaders in Neon Green, tons of kids and teens taking pics against the iconic game.

We then headed into City Hall where we and the crowds were treated to a multi-media presentation of the upcoming Rapture, as you can see from the last pic some of the folks who went in were a) really tired or b) Raptured 🙂

This was part of the AGO presentation on the Ontario Labour movement.  How many Labour violations can you spot HR peeps?

Finally at the end of the night the AGO gave us all the opportunity to become part of the Nuit Blanche art….here is an exhausted Brian Cugelman and myself making our own version of Art.

I believe during the evening there was discussion of Busking during next year’s Nuit Blanche and/or trying to set up a presentation of Social Media/Digital Artwork as part of the SMCafe contribution to Nuit Blanche.  So wether it’s as an attendee or a participant I will be sure to check it out again in 2013.

Do you have a Nuit Blanche in your city?


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