Daniel J Smith – The Sourcer’s Apprentice™

“Daniel J. Smith is THE Consummate Professional!” Whether it is growing as “The Sourcers’ Apprentice” in the world of Social Media/Sourcing or sharing his skills acquired over the years as a sales and leadership expert; Daniel knows how to get the job done. The best compliment given is when a finished project has been done so effectively and precisely that you don’t know what part was his. Daniel is a team-player and motivator in the true sense of the words. Daniel never stops growing, as a student and family man, as a facilitator, as a Mental Health Advocate, as a Writer/Copywriter/Blogger and as a Consultant. He looks forward to helping you and your company grow to new heights through a blend of new thoughts mixed with techniques that have served him well over the years. Never stop growing as a person and you will never stop learning.Specialties

Personal Branding and Identity- Standing out in a crowd for the right reasons, Journeyman and Task Manager- Looking outside any given box for the best answer for myself & my employer. I don’t fear failure, it rarely happens, Sometimes the best ideas need to be reworked in the name of success. Leader and Advocate: My actions begin & end with ME- no excuse given, none expected to be received. Social Media Education is my sandbox. “To get the right answer; First one must ask the right question…”


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