Geoff Webb (Master Sourcer)

Geoff Webb ( has been a member of the Recruitment community for over 20 years. 

He has spent 6 years in recruitment management and decided that it wasn’t for him. For the past 6-7 years he has focused on Sourcing Training(finding people on the internet and via phone) and Social Recruiting, or the ability to leverage Social Media, Media and Networking to drive talented prospects towards the best candidate experience. 

Geoff is currently the only Canadian Master Sourcer and provides both Sourcing Training and Recruiting Training services and in his home country and abroad. This includes the BlueBelt in Internet Recruitment and the Social Media Bootcamp for HR.

Geoff is an avid vlogger and has spoken at Radical Planet, SourceCamp, TNL, ILSHRM, SHRM, TRULondon, CASPR and other Recruitment and Social Recruiting Conferences. 

Geoff has created many online communities including the Canadian Recruitment Community, now over 4000 recruiters from across Canada 

Geoff is also the founding Principle for SocialHR, providing Recruiter and Recruitment Training, Sourcing Training and Social Recruiting Services


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