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Happy Thanksgiving

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The Friday Webb Report

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Mastering the Verano #cars #lifestyle

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If you follow me at all on one of my many Social Networks then you will know that last week Klout got me hooked up with a 4 day test drive of a brand new 2013 Buick Verano and by far it was one of the best Klout perks that I ever had.  So to be true to the fine folks over at Buick I wanted to post a short review of the car.  Now remember when you read this, I’m not a car dude, my preferred car of choice would be a Prius by far…but having said that I still really enjoyed this car.

If you have watched the review video above you will know that power is not the strong suit of the Buick Verano.  On Thursday I took it on a Highway drive from downtown Toronto out to Oakville and back, and yes it’s true acceleration is not a strong suite of this vehicle….having said that, being a city dweller I’m not greatly concerned by the need for power, for me it’s all about the comfort and fuel efficiency of the vehicle.


Lets talk about the comfort first….there are a few things I really liked about this vehicle including:

  • It has a push button start, which is common in a lot of vehicles these days but I really like it because it adds a level of fuel efficiency and honestly I hate fumbling around for key ignition when you get into the car at night, so score one for comfort.
  • The interior of this car is really roomy and very comfortable.  The seats are well designed and I could for sure see myself sitting in them for a long drive…they are also heated in the front seats and both driver and passenger seats are electronically adjustable for comfort and ease of driving, both a big plus.
  • If you drive a lot for work, the car comes pre-loaded with an onboard phone sync system that allows you to navigate, speak and send/receive texts all hands free.
  • Everything you need is within easy reach either on the dash or on the steering column.
  • Oh and because I didn’t mention it before, this car is super quiet while you are driving on the road, and the suspension is fantastic, driving up and down Dufferin Street seemed like a breeze.



There were a few downsides to the Buick Verano that I noticed….

  • Again it was really lacking in horsepower so if that is your thing this may not be the car for you.
  • Huge blindspots all around the car meant that you had to rely more heavily on the mirror system and that was not fantastic for me, when I drive I like fewer and not more blindspots.
  • The rear safety system which is basically a proximity alert has an extremely wide radius so if you were parallel parking near a hydro pole the system would start alarming you (think Star Trek Enterprise Red Alert) even though the pole is beside you and you are in no danger of hitting it…that drove me a bit bonkers especially in the parking garage.
  • I made one test call with the dash speaker system, and the person on the other end said they had issues hearing me but that could have been my phone or theirs at fault.

Overall I liked my time with the Buick Verano.  For sure it’s a luxury car and the one that I drove came with a pricetag of $34,000 fully loaded.  Not something that I could/would want to afford, but again if you are looking for a midsize luxury vehicle and you can afford the price tag for sure worth a test drive.


“Maybe….Could it be….Possibly those of us who worked hard to be denied most job/promotion understand things different from those who were handed everything? Life experience on occasion trumps book smarts….hmmm maybe my own little blog is in that seed….” May 2012

This is a long-overdue blog created by a conversation on Facebook I had with Rayanne Thorn discussing the shape of the new employment industry; and how various age-related groups fit in the new status quo. Over the past number of years, I have noticed a change in the way people operate in the workplace. Basic rules of politeness seem to have been replaced with a “I need it NOW” mentality- Meaning that ‘Please’ and ‘Thank-You’ and rules of courtesy are reduced to ‘Move, I need xxxx NOW, or the job won’t get done”

Panic (or a state thereof) never really accomplished much, neither did the fine art of ‘Doing Everything Yourself’. Sometimes we all need assistance; the smart people figure out how to get that accomplished, while making their volunteer think their service is for the ‘Greater Good’

I guess what I am trying to say is Take Ownership in everything you do. If the credit is good, you will see it- but be prepared and grown-up enough to politely accept the criticism for a job not done to your usual standards. Ownership allows you to step back, look at your work/project, and think of what the realistic expectations should be of the results.

Being of a different (yet still cool) generation; I can’t help but notice a lot of things get done with the bare appearance of effort; something I like to class as “I Don’t know about this, but it is my assignment, so I will do it my way and hopefully not be asked again…” Whereas individuals of my generation gather information needed on the job, look for every solution, choose one, and successfully have the job done.

What’s frightening even more, is that a lot of resumes go unread for key positions if they are not matched with a credited education. When I was a little younger, I remember hearing “Book Smarts will get you so far; it’s your life education/ learning that will carry you through,” Nice stuff to remember.

Then come “the age game”. Yes, any potential employer is not supposed to ask for age; however a good look at the resume will answer that question and show that, although you may have the qualifications which are being looked for, you won’t have potential tenure to enjoy a long career with this firm. Somewhat biased, but things are what they are, and as management gets more savvy and younger, all employees have to learn the new rules of survival; know when to ask questions, and when to sort the issue out themselves. Ownership, it’s the one thing you can be honest about regardless of the occupation. Take it and run, and maintain the pride of your project.

A sense of Ownership seems to still resonate in today’s workplace. People are ecstatic, and justifiably so, when a job gets done well, and their ‘bag of tricks’ have served them well once again. I notice that blame gets shares all to easy, or tasks get done with little research or forethought, leading to blame being given or shared with anyone who even looked at the project. Not necessarily fair, just the way of the new world!

Education is good. Continuing your education in your chosen profession is awesome. It takes time to become good at something; and it takes more time to excel- that’s the difference between ‘okay’ and ‘Wow’- Myself, I will take the ‘Wow’ moments to the back every day of the week- as it means that I did the job right, and my reputation has become that much better as a leader, or as a doer of great work.

Younger management doesn’t faze me; so long as they are prepared for a little advice from time-to-time on how to best handle an account, a job-list, or a project being fast-tracked on a tight deadline. Know when things are getting a little out of the wheel-house, and that you need to lean on someone who has been there before. Most workers know their place in the ‘Org Chart’; and try not to step on toes, or get involved in things ‘over the pay-grade’. To them I suggest: Never be afraid to share your knowledge! In the long run it will be appreciated and you should see some form of reward. Being the ‘New Kid’ can be cool for a short while; being ‘Dependable and authentic with your actions’ make you irreplaceable.

Follow this and like the destination

The Take-away from this blog would be that age is a number; and knowledge is ageless. Never accept being overlooked because of your physical appearance, especially if the job requires more brain that good looks. Nothing is given out for free these days; stay on top of your game, stay concerned with your actions and your reputation (which has taken you years to develop) and (sometimes) quietly be the leader by making the suggestions seem that they came from up the ladder. If it is good for you, probably it is good for the business.

Enjoy these thoughts on ‘Career Evaluation 101’


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 Welcome Back! Nice to see that last week moved some of you Socialytes enough to give me another look. I plan on returning to 10 Key Customer Service Traits later (possibly starting next week); however today I thought a little discussion of how to start properly at the new gig might be in order. Lets think on this for a couple of minutes: You saw and applied for a new posting, either on your own or with a little coaching (no matter), you went through the evaluation process and made it to the other side, The company called on Friday afternoon, and knowing you are currently available with no obligations to wrap up (If you are leaving one position for another- at least have the courtesy and the attitude to leave on good terms- you may either 1) return to “the roost” one day or 2) find that you may wish a reference on your work and personality to cement the new position; always better leaving on good terms than burning the bridge behind yourself.) ask you to begin bright and early Monday morning for orientation, team introductions, tour of your working area etc.

Monday comes with a mix of anxiety and confidence; you (think you) know what waits ahead, and you wish to get started on the new journey. After all, the discussions and evaluations have led you to this point- YOU ARE THE ONE for the position, all that waits is for you to arrive. Now you enter the building…

Follow Me!

You arrive at the “Gate Keeper”, introduce yourself and ask to see your contact, who arrives shortly down the hall & with a firm handshake, welcomes you to the company. They then ask if you have any questions. Please don’t be coy and say ‘no’ as this is the one chance you will have to get most of the  answers of how you will fit in the mix, out in the open. (There is nothing worse than starting somewhere; getting ready to dive in and realize that you don’t have any reference to work from about the client, or what is expected. Don’t assume the answers…Ask away, and know that everyone goes through this- you will be no different until you hit your workstation); the mandatory tour of the site gets underway, and you meet with all the people you will either be a) reporting to and b) working with as a team.

Find a senior staff on your team and ask them to guide you through the first couple of days. Everyone needs a mentor at some stage, and starting a new gig is no different, you need to know the lay of the land as soon as you arrive; not after 6 months. Should this individual agree (depending on their own project list); feel free to get any and all information from them that you feel you will need to accomplish your tasks efficiently. If it is like most company’s, the time ‘under the microscope’ could range anywhere from 3 to 6 months; some places even work under a certain number of hours logged in (usually around 2500 hours). Ask for their history, what makes them do what they do, and how much success you could hope to see on the journey. YOU will be a key piece of the puzzle, in maintaining a black bottom line, if you sink- the company WILL replace you (No one is bigger than the machine).

Take all the information given you over the next couple of weeks and digest it, mull it over and create your own personal ‘Mission Statement’ for this

How I get through each and every day

occupation; knowing what will be asked, what you can accomplish and how to achieve both goals in a minimum combined time! Be Good and be Efficient, that ‘s why you were brought on board. Ask alot of necessary questions that will help you adjust, know who the contact people are and how to reach out to them, take a deep breath and dive in- YOU are the one with the talent needed at this point; show off your skills and drive home WHY you were the best choice to fill this position; then get set for the most amazing journey you have taken in quite some time.

Settle in, The formalities are out of the way, and it is up to you to drive home why you are the success which you are!

Until Tomorrow

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Mastering Nuit Blanche – Art in Toronto #toronto #nuiteblanche

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Some of my “community” are also Toronto based and will know about Nuit Blanche which is a free night of Art throughout Toronto.  The art ranges in it’s appeal from kiddos to some very adult art works.  Last night was the 7th instalment of Nuit Blanche and the first time that I went out with a group of friends to check out the night.  It starts at 7pm and continues through the night to 7am, which makes for crowds of thousands and  possibly tens of thousands moving through the downtown core to hang out together, view artwork and well do some serious eating and drinking.  Believe me by 2am walking home along Queen Street with new friends it became very very obvious that the drink was on.

The night started off by meeting up with some folks from the SocialMedia Cafe and my buddy Brian at the Office Pub on John and King Street.  We has some dinner and drinks (I was in recovery from the night before).  We then prioritized that we would hit the TIFF lightbox theatre, walk along King Street to University and then up to City Hall where they were putting on a multi-media presentation called “Museum for the End of the World” — basically, it was the artists take on the Rapture that we have all been talking about for the past few years (anyone else glad that December 12th is coming up?).  We then would head over and up to the OCAD exhibit on sublimation of the Native Peoples in Canada (we even got our own Treaty Cards which is basically the cards that Native People’s are required to carry when off reservation, and that all non-Natives are supposed to carry but we don’t).  Then we wrapped up the night at the AGO and their Photography contest and an interesting tableau that was dedicated to the Labour movement in Ontario.  I was really into the AGO exhibit until a) one of the girls on the “shop floor” started talking on her cell phone and b) I started to spot the various Ontario Labour Law infringements and my brain slid into HR mode.

Overall it was a great night, with beautiful weather
to hit the downtown core, here are some of the images the gang shared for the night.

Possibly the best exhibit for the night was provided by Nature.  This was the view from Nathan Phillip’s Square near City Hall, as we entered the Square we wondered why everyone was looking up and taking pics.  Well this is the reason why.

At University/Queen corner outside the SunLife building was the Space Invaders exhibit, basically a huge game of Space Invaders in Neon Green, tons of kids and teens taking pics against the iconic game.

We then headed into City Hall where we and the crowds were treated to a multi-media presentation of the upcoming Rapture, as you can see from the last pic some of the folks who went in were a) really tired or b) Raptured 🙂

This was part of the AGO presentation on the Ontario Labour movement.  How many Labour violations can you spot HR peeps?

Finally at the end of the night the AGO gave us all the opportunity to become part of the Nuit Blanche art….here is an exhausted Brian Cugelman and myself making our own version of Art.

I believe during the evening there was discussion of Busking during next year’s Nuit Blanche and/or trying to set up a presentation of Social Media/Digital Artwork as part of the SMCafe contribution to Nuit Blanche.  So wether it’s as an attendee or a participant I will be sure to check it out again in 2013.

Do you have a Nuit Blanche in your city?

The Friday Webb Report – September 28th

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